Denver Art Museum

Hey everyone! Today has been a pretty exciting day! My mom booked us tickets to go see this Star Wars exhibit at the Denver Art Museum on the costumes of the movies. It was extremely interesting, and I was able to take quite a few pictures. However, due to the museum’s low lighting and their rule about no flash, most of the 600 pictures I took came out extremely blurry. There were quite a few good ones, though, and I chose the best out of the lot for you all to enjoy. I’ll try and write a short blurb about each one if I can remember the information. 😉


Obi-Wan in his Jedi glory.

Obi-Wan was the first one to greet us. He was next to Padme, but I wasn’t able to get a decent picture of her.

It was pretty impressive how each costume was arrayed on each mannequin so that you could almost picture each character exactly how they were in the movies. The only difference was that these were mannequins and not real people.


Darth Maul, however unrealistic his battle situation is.

The next portion of the tour was Darth Maul. It was super hard to get a clear picture of this. Again, I reiterate the statement that museum lighting sucks. I did do some editing on this picture to make the lightsabers brighter than they were before. After all, they’re supposed to be bright!

Anyways. Moving on.

Boba Fett and Jango Fett. I thought these would be easier to photograph but nope. I was dead wrong. These were super cool to look at. Everything was so detailed and just all-around incredible.


The classic duo.

Han and Chewie were in the next exhibit. I tried about fifteen different angles with these two but this was the only picture that came out half-decently. I liked the hyperspace stars in the background. It puts them in their element.

All of the military outfits were in the next room. It was at this point that my camera said that the memory was full, so I had to sit down and spend like fifteen minutes deleting every single picture that wasn’t backed up. I now have the scene where the Rebels blew up the Death Star practically memorized.

“Great shot, kid! That was one in a million!”

And next, everyone’s favorite droids. These had pretty good lighting, so I got quite a few decent pictures. My favorite out of all three was, and always will be, BB-8. Love him.

I feel terrible about not getting a good picture of Vader. The lighting where he was, as is befitting a dark lord, was extremely dim. Yoda, in contrast, had great lighting. Hm, I wonder why.

That was the last display in the Star Wars exhibit.

My mom graciously let me explore the museum on my own. It was a huge place, and it took me an hour or so to get through the other exhibits. I didn’t even go through all of them. It was crazy.

Here are my favorites from the rest of my adventure, captioned individually.

I have learned from this trip that I need to start writing down what pieces of art go with which picture. I won’t make this mistake again.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed my pictorial tour of (most of) the exhibits in the museum.

Thanks for reading!


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