Future Plans, Homework, and Cosplays

Hello everyone! Your favorite non-existent blogger is back online after a long break due to homework and life.

Thanks, life, for the (not fun) vacation.

Anyways, I’ve been doing a ton of stuff lately. This post is pretty much a mashup of the many things that have been going on.

Let’s start with topic 1: Future Plans.

My mom likes to watch that TV show House Hunters International. So, naturally, I occasionally watch it with her. And through that, my longing to go abroad has increased somewhat. I’ve always had some sort of desire to go to another country. (Preferably New Zealand.)

Just today we were talking about it. It would be totally fun and awesome to go somewhere and buy a studio apartment, and just live there and experience the culture. Granted, it would be expensive and take a lot of time, but a girl can dream, right?

The one thing that would come before that plan is college. I took the SAT a couple of weeks ago. It was terrible. I don’t like tests. It was long and dreary and ugh.

However, I do need the score to get into a college. So yeah, there’s that minor issue.

I haven’t gotten my score back yet, but once I do, I plan on applying to a college in western Virginia. It’s the only school I’ll be applying to as of yet, but I do have a couple of second-choice colleges if things don’t work out.

That’s most of the uncertainty that comes with nearing the end of high school. There’s tons of stuff to worry about and focus on, and things just keep flying at you and it’s extremely overwhelming.

I’ve been really hoping and praying that I’d get into this school. Everyone keeps telling me that I’ll do it, but I can’t help but to doubt myself. I’m sure everyone knows how that goes. (Ooh that rhymed.)

Anyways. The future is very, definitely, extremely not clear. For a person like me, who likes to know exactly how everything is going to play out (like a well-planned novel), that’s pretty difficult to deal with.

Still, even the novels with the best plans don’t always follow those plans. I’ve found that out during these past few months. It’s been hard to simply roll with it, but hey. It’s a new learning experience.

Topic 2: Homework.

Everyone hates homework. I know I do. My friends all think I’m crazy because I like school (which I do), but I definitely, positively, absolutely don’t like homework.

All I want to do is get done with all my school work/classes and be finished. Have down time. Write.

But alas, such a terrible thing such as homework exists.

Chemistry professors love homework. My professor apparently doesn’t realize that we have lives (or he just chooses to ignore that fact) and assigns a TON of homework questions.

For someone who doesn’t like science, this is torture.

Homework is also reason #1 that I haven’t posted a single thing for like a month. (Sorry about that, by the way.)

Topic 3: Cosplays!

My favorite topic for this whole post.

So, as I’m sure everyone knows, halloween is coming up. I, as a semi-creative person, like to come up with a cool costume each year. This year, my costume ended up being an agent from the super-cool organization SHIELD.

My character is based off of Melinda May on the totally awesome show Agents of SHIELD. (You probably could’ve guessed that.) I didn’t want to be a particular person on the show, mainly because I’m actually not quite caught up yet. Whoops.

My sister took a couple pictures for me. Granted, it isn’t quite finished yet, but the only things I’m missing are some very minor details.



My absolute favorite picture. So far. 

I’m also very super excited because I have never once in my life owned a Nerf gun. Now I have one, and I totally love it. As soon as I get paid, I might go and buy another one.

Hilariously enough, the first part of my costume that I got was the sunglasses. They’re actually super duper awesome and make me feel super cool. Cooler than I actually am.

I have a friend who is going to make me a holster for my gun, and I’m planning on making something to store the ammo in. Not sure what I’ll do quite yet.


Anyways, thank you for enduring my long radio silence. I hope that homework will allow me to post more often. As usual, I would love to hear some feedback from you guys! I’m always down for a chat.

Stay awesome, everyone!

~ Haley

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