Little River Kayaking

Before I get started with the actual content of this post, I wanted to write a little note to you all.

I had a different blog before this one. That blog was going okay… for a while. The one problem with that blog was the fact that its wellbeing was directly linked to me writing all the time.

Writing isn’t constant in my life. Life, however, goes on, and is always constant. No matter what happens, there will be me, and there will be life. So I then decided to do a blog which focused on my life, and not my writing.

I already feel freer. There are no more bars around me, restricting my posts to merely my writing.

There’s something else that goes along with me saying that.

Expect randomness.

My life isn’t perfect and wonderful and cheery. I have my dark moments; my valleys, my mountains. This blog will follow me through everything; through my ups and downs. And because it will do so, my posts won’t be predictable. Every one will be unique and different, each in its own way.

And I like it that way.

Now to my actual post.

Today, I went kayaking with my family on the Little River in Virginia. It was extremely peaceful. Since we were paddling downstream, it was awesome to just set the paddle down and let the river take you where it wanted you to go. Granted, the river didn’t always make the wisest choices direction wise, so it needed some occasional correction.

And, staying true to my name, I was barefoot.


The barefoot explorer takes on kayaking with a semi-injured knee.

I actually thought up the idea for this blog as I floated down the river. It was quite nice. Nature can be very inspiring at times.

My favorite part of the trip was the blue heron that I kept seeing. It was so cool. He (for my sake, I’m making it a male) would fly ahead of me a bit and then land somewhere. I would pass him with my kayak and he would take off, spreading his huge wings. The wingspan had to be at least three feet. That’s just a rough estimate.

I didn’t get very many pictures of him. It was just so hard to, because he was almost always in motion. The pictures I did get were horribly blurry and not really worth posting.


The only way to kayak – with popcorn.

Our “halfway point” (I say that loosely – not really sure that it was halfway) was at an old dam. It was built around the 1920s, according to our guide. The dam provided the power to a certain town (Floyd, I believe), but when an alternate source of power came to the town, they destroyed the dam so no one else could get power from it.

It was super neat. I climbed up one of the walls and ate lunch on top of it. I couldn’t help but to imagine what it would’ve looked like when it was brand new. There’s just something about looking at ruins that really just makes me think. I took a couple of pictures of it – as well as a selfie. I mean, why not?


Well, there’s me. In front of a mysterious hole.


I really wish I knew what that hole was…


A pretty view, I guess.

I don’t think there’s really any more to write about the kayak trip.

It’s still a good length for a first post, though. I’m happy.



Stay awesome guys, and live long and prosper.

~ Haley

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